Coming Soon…

Short film written by Ande Case of Leitmotif Productions Ltd, will be debuting at International Media Festival of Wales and Birmingham Film Festival, autumn 2023

If I Could Pray

When I first heard this banger of a tune in early 2020 I knew it needed visuals. Here’s my own animated take on a song by Monks Road Social feat. Peter Capaldi

Munson Monologue

Inspired by the cafeteria sequence in The Hellfire Club the first episode from the fourth season of Stranger Things.

Doctor Who Series 10 iconic

In early 2017 I was asked to create a 10-second animation based on the Doctor Who Series 10 key art by Edward Russell. I was interviewed on The Fan Show about the process, my background and what inspired me.

Prior to that I created a spec trailer, ident and channel bumper that generated a lot of buzz online.

DECT Forum

This is a series of videos explaining the role of DECT wireless technology:

Chilled Penguin Productions

‪Christmas-themed music videos for kids, such as this song by Tim Harris and vocals by David Blazye.

The Brussels Sprout Song, written and recorded by Tim Harris, featuring Honor on vocals, David Amar on drums

Sprout Oddity

This is a fan-made film featuring characters from Doctor Who and the mascot of the BBC’s Christmas 2015 campaign Sprout Boy (2015, Smith and Foulkes), with the music of Alex Baranowski and Murray Gold, sourced/edited by Kimberly Ruohio; TARDIS Background Design and audio from episodes sourced by Callum Trevitt. A version with an original score by Trevitt will be released soon.

On his adventure in time and space Sprout throws himself into the deep end. Despite his fear of black holes, the wee one is determined to earn the galaxy and stars for the Doctor.