February 1, 2014

Everything is Awesome

Every trip to London just gets more punctual, action-packed and madder than the last.

Firstly I felt immensely proud to have work screened along with a variety of inspiring videos embraced by an audience of talented filmmakers. Even had a brief encounter with Vivien Halas. The showcase was part of Animated Women UK, a new organisation that I’ve been designing the logo for.


A few doors near MPC is the Paul A. Young chocolaterie that greets customers with the most incredible aroma. The tastes take you to faraway places. Likewise, Speedy’s, on North Gower St, where I had lunch, make some magically delicious salad wraps.


The tour of Broadcasting House exceeded expectation with its informative and witty guides, the history, studios, the interactivity, and I was even complimented for my brief news reading. Afterwards I spotted Ashley Walters at the Radio One entrance.


The Apple store was hosting a Dallas Buyers Club panel (all places were filled) featuring Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey. The view, while cluttered with onlookers, was all right, all right, all right.


The atmosphere around Oxford/Regent Street is fantastic. I knew I had to keep local so decided to look around Liberty where designer collections are like £200-£800. Got a sense of déjà vu as, yes, this is where I stumbled into Carnaby Street a little over a year ago.

Another Ashley wearing glasses, this time Roberts, was at Vision Express. I said to a paparazzo, “oh! I saw him earlier.”

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