December 12, 2016

I Am Not Throwing Away My Shot


I love days that flow with awesomeness. Those can be rare as it’s hard to settle on what’s real, fact, fantasy, satire, irony, and when it’s hot or cold. I’ve been trying to wean myself off social media and news as logging/tuning in is like checking a death clock.

My mind is clouded with so many questions. What precautions will everyone be taking by mid-January? How much of an impact will certain changes have on me and neighbours? What’s the likelihood of triggering Article 50? How secure/safe are the NHS and democracy? When is this person calling it a day? Are we running low on Toblerones?


But if I give myself permission to tune out completely, I’d be way behind.

Only I control how I react to all the madness. I try not to let it get to me. What I have to offer should be the main reason to get up every morning. Being able to share ideas while taking a few risks, i.e. breaking out my comfort zone, makes it worthwhile. I’ll achieve 2017 goals quicker if I just focus on being me, because that’s one other thing I’m good at.

And I have no problem showing off my animation skills to the legends…


Michael Pickwoad approves

The spec trailer’s getting a lot of love from the Doctor Who fandom; 4300+ views on YouTube within a month; positive, constructive feedback from the team at Roath Lock, and approval from Bonnie Prince Charlie of Rhodia (Greg Austin).

Patrick Ness and the cast of Doctor Who spin-off Class

Patrick Ness and the cast of Doctor Who spin-off Class

A few things I learned from two recent BAFTA Cymru events:

  • Wales is the go-to location for drama production
  • Complacency is death
  • People want you to have a strong vision
  • Every scene needs to earn its place or at least add a flavour
  • My Mission Dalek entry never made the shortlist 🙁
  • Sherlock Series 4 will go to dark, dark places, while offering pure escapism and light-hearted fun
  • The detective’s mind palace is apparently “seven feet deep”
A Celebration of Sherlock at BAFTA Piccadilly

A Celebration of Sherlock at BAFTA Piccadilly


Both Doctor Who and Sherlock are among fandoms, cultures, anything that anyone with a soul finds joy in talking about and being creative with, that capture the imagination and heart, unite us, open doors for us and hold everything together when the world seems to be crumbling apart. This is a sentiment I share with Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss.

Here are some other things to believe in…



She is Moana! Auli’i Cravalho and co-director John Musker signed my copy of the art book at the BFI screening. This movie instantly won my heart with its art direction, visuals, characters, songs that have made me a Lin-Manuel Miranda stan, and subtle environmental message.


A super supermoon over King Lear’s Lake…


And the one time I shared screen time with Sir David Attenborough, Alex Jones and Mr Khan (Adil Ray). Look closer.

Planet Earth II has some of the finest wildlife photography and narration ever produced. The camera crew is an unbeatable bunch of crazy geniuses braving those terrains and elements to find gold, like that sequence with the baby iguanas pursued by the hydra-like snakes – most feature-length action movies cannot match such masterful editing.

Only the BBC can show how awesome and precious our home is. ❤️🌍


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