November 17, 2017

The BFGG 2

You’re going to have to bear with me. And put up with me.

There are moments where I’m lost. I still fall into the habit of comparing and despairing, wrestling with stress, feeling like an incompetent artist lacking the technical superiority as other hobbyists and professionals who can turn in artworks quicker and better than I ever could.

With much at stake – the world will tumble further into darkness if I fail in my mission to light the way – that’s what it feels it like, since I’m so far behind on my film project. But I’m driven both by fear of missing out and letting down my peers, and love for my craft and love by friends/supporters.


This newly released officially-licensed fan art book contains an impressive display of skill from hobbyists and professionals. Yet I was too disheartened to buy it from Waterstones Cardiff. I was as dejected as I was back when I realised I didn’t get the call. It hurts almost as much as missing the Sprout boy gig.




10 years ago in September I met Russell T Davies in Cardiff Bay. I built up the courage to speak to him, and I was about to start uni. Imagine what 18 year-old fresher me would think if I went back and told her what she would accomplish. The guy who brought back Doctor Who is a fan of your work, so please stay on course by enrolling on that DMU course. So I did.

It was a pleasure to meet him, James Goss (author of Now We Are Six Hundred and fan of my cat blouse), Christel Dee et al for an evening of poetry and cartoons. I always wanted to hear Russell talk about illustration. Being with the Who fam that night made so happy.


Christel Dee chats with James Goss and RTD

FullSizeRender 5

This little book has a collection of adorable, silly poems accompanied by fun, lively ink drawings, all done in the style of an AA Milne creation.

I told the former show runner that I was really going to miss the Twelfth Doctor and the era he was bowing out of; “BUT THINK HOW EXCITING IT’S GOING TO BE…”

And I am. Casting Jodie Whittaker was a bold and timely decision. The costume is almost exactly what I envisioned the Doctor would wear after centuries sporting dark velvet coats, hoodies and black boots and waistcoats. Both completely new AND a mixture of throwbacks to the past. And she wears stripey woolly socks now. Cool!


The coat is actually sky blue but w/e

Speaking of great costumes, my sister won Halloween this year.

"I'm Femme Rick!"

“I’m Femme Rick!”

Back to present day. Working on Sprout Oddity has given me a sense of control, taking my mind off all the grief and lunacy of 2017.

I’ve released the first two scenes from the film, as a way of counting down to Christmas and adding a bit of magic to social media timelines. Happy to say that I’ve captured the warmth and simplicity of the original advert. Almost half of the animation is done, but there’s still a lot to turn in. It will hopefully be completed with music and a line recording or two for Christmas, along with the Stars For Twelve tribute blog.

If that’s not enough, at New York Comic Con, Peter Capaldi was presented with a video of fan tributes and messages compiled by BBC America. How incredible it was that my (very quick and raw) animation opened it.


So, incompetent artist, why stay in bed all morning when you have an audience?

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