June 9, 2016


Eyes twinkling, whiskers and ears twitching. It knew it can’t be kept in the dark for long. Emerging from the drain pipe for the fifth and final time, the tiny mouse darted across the pavement within inches of the giant’s feet.

Never have I identified so much with a living creature. I share its innate fear of and the pressure to survive in the big bad world…but being paralysed by those feelings is what’s holding us back. The mouse thought of being killed or devoured. The reality was far from that assumption. Not even this curious cat with a sketchbook could stand in its way of finding food and heading back home. You’ve made it this far, little one.


I often find myself in a place of zen with the sun on my face, sketching whatever is in front of me. Finding space – on the iPad and at home – to focus on my own thing and rekindling almost-forgotten activities is its own reward.

Recently I found genuine joy in creative expression again after building characters out of clay, printing a Bowie-themed birthday card for my sister, and starting a big spec project.


I had readjusted certain processes so I’d have more fun with them, generating more content with the resources available and all the skills I had learned; by studying the invisible forces that make a scene feel more alive, there is a clear distinction between a flat image and an image that almost pops off the page/screen like a West End stage play. But that’s for another blog.

Start with an idea, end with the idea. That’s the through line that’ll get you unstuck.

This Harvard Commencement speech affirms the significance of listening to your intuition…

If the Beard and Leicester City can make their dreams a reality then so can the cat and the little mouse that could.


The entire population showed up for the heroes’ welcome gig

Dilly ding dilly dong.



Left to right: Diane Malkin, Karlie Heenan, Susan Hewitt, some cat, Cameron McEwan and Murray Gold

Another BAFTA Cymru screening was occurin’ at Cineworld Cardiff. I was among a lucky few to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream 3.5 weeks before its airdate. What a fabulous production. The climactic dance number filled me with never-ending happiness.


“Can I dance?”

Nikki Wilson and Russell have now seen my Mission Dalek. But I know I can do more than just ride on that. And either he follows my old blogspot, Daily Bananas or both, the guy who wrote Queer as Folk, The Parting of the Ways, The Stolen Earth…one of television’s greatest writers recognised my talent as a graphic artist. But the highlight for me was introducing starstruck Karlie to him. “You’re one of my heroes!” she told him.

The following Thursday I caught the Target Book Cover exhibition at the Cartoon Museum – inspiring for Doctor Who artists – and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, my first ever West End experience.


The ray of sunshine that is Pearl Mackie was surprised and delighted when I told her that. It’s so exciting to see such a talented performer, especially in a play based on a novel that connects on a personal level, shining brightly at the start of a major television career.


I was upgraded from grand circle B12 to dress circle C19, which meant I had the best view of all the action.

12 is my lucky number.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 00.20.08


Take the time to watch:

Watch baby signets and other sweet new things.
Watch a football game in a pub.
Go to church once in a while.
Go without earphones on a long haul journey.
Go to the theatre.
Eat some broccoli. It’s actually delicious.

Further reading:

Highlights of the AMND panel can be read here. You can learn so much about the industry just being in the presence of such creative geniuses.

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