December 31, 2014

Rocking my World in 2014

It was a challenging 12 months of setbacks, achievements, cultural highlights, influences and revealing truths. My passions have directed me along this creative journey. I want to thank everybody who were part of it for helping me understand how this insanely tiny world works.



  • Sherlock bounced back into our lives with Series 3. Illustrations and Oscar memes were hugely popular with Speedy’s Cafe and fans.
  • (pictured) Beren’s Cat tries and fails to catch the mice.
  • Tour of BBC Broadcasting House
  • Animated Women UK MPC Showcase, Moving Picture Company
  • The Image Is the Servant, Hansom Hall
  • Designed the logo for Animated Women UK
  • 3D Creative Summit, BFi
  • Attended my first Animgather networking event: introduced to Bournemouth students, VFX pros, and other creative cats who are campaigning to save the Doodle Bar from redevelopment.
Source: Bubble_Fun_Tea
    • Fargo made our Sunday evenings a little more sinister. Eventually we would binge-watch the first series of Happy Valley.
    • Submitted a project proposal to LCB Depot – rejected, but…
    • A collaboration with Mini Productions on the Acting on a Dreamcampaign begins.
    • (pictured) Gok Wan, Miss GB and Leicester’s Strongest Man appeared during the launch of the Fun Tea brand in Highcross.
    • Godzilla, despite a triumphant return, started to haunt my dreams.
    • The period when things kind of went…eh.
    • Friends and family, Smod Co podcasts, Glen Keane’s short film DuetDays of Future Past and the Moving Together Dance show made me feel hopeful and less lonely.
  • Watercolours and cooking slowly brought me out of my slump. Confidence grows but business is still very slow.
  • Started designing illustrations for a Jurassic World fan project.
  • Everybody’s Music attracted more views via Toon Boom Showcase.
  • The folks at somewhereto_ helped me run workshops and a market stall; neither attracted enough attention but they gave me bags of popcorn and a lead or two.
  • Completely starstruck by Jenna Coleman and Richard Madden on the way to Animgather Summer Edition, Regent’s Park.
  • The popcorn was warmly received with fellow animators. I recommended a young man to seek Prince’s Trust and somewhereto_.

  • Danced like Star-Lord around Cardiff after attending the Doctor Who World Tour/Series 8 launch (pictured) where I met lots of lovely fans.
  • Fresh from Guardians of the Galaxy and Deep Breath, OneRepublic’s Love Runs Out video blew my mind.
  • Attended Frank Gladstone’s Visual Storytelling Masterclass at the University of Wales, before logging into Nik Ranieri’s master lecture over at Virtual Animators.
  • In September the bright spots of a frustrating holiday included a filmmaking lecture by Don Hahn, closely followed by ListenPride, Aunt Susan, and return to Caswell Bay.
“Keep Drawing”
  • (pictured) Making of Duet, Curzon Soho: Glen Keane has seen 40 seconds of Everybody’s Music.
  • Revisiting Keane’s classic movies helped improve my animation drawing skills.
  • MADE Festival Conference in Sheffield; highlights include Michelle Mone, Levi Roots and bumping into the Seed Creativity guys.

  • (pictured) Opening Gala of LFF: besides some decent photos, the evening was a shambles. Came home later than planned. Wrecked by the ordeal and the death of our beloved Austin.
  • My sister Emily, who was also going through hard times, encouraged me to draw The Midnight Beast fan art for her.
  • Doctor Who + Virtual Animators (with drawing demos by Andreas Deja)
  • UK Young Artists Festival, highlights: the Hermes Experiment, Jo Kelen, Gurdain Singh Rayatt, and Annlin Chao’s Phantom on the Cliff.
  • Interstellar rocks the Showcase in XPLUS, thanks to Christopher Nolan’s championing of large screen formats.
  • Doctor Who DVD Launch, Ham Yard Hotel
  • Installations: Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, Paddington Trail
  • The Imitation Game brought me to tears
  • Leicester for Business Awards, Y Theatre
  • Tour Jurassic World and trailer were both revealed
  • (pictured) Aberavon sunset + chips + Paddington
  • The Greatest Adventure came to an end with The Battle of Five Armies. I do love spending time in that world, whatever Age.
  • AWUK networking (missed out last time when I got lost in Bloomsbury)
  • Best Christmas Day Ever

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