June 11, 2017

Billion Potts of Gold

I went to Church twice within a month. Both occasions I was croeso’d by wall-to-wall sunshine in Cardiff.


St Luke’s University Bristol?


22nd April: I collected these adorable books signed by Adam Hargreaves, the son of Roger who created the Mr Men/Little Miss series. I even joined him and Fan Show co-presenter Luke Spillane for some celebration cake.


That work of art was definitely worth seeing up close, as well as the drawing demo.


May 21st: The TARDIS set tour is always a pure joy. This time I tried my best to take it all in for it was the very last public tour on the Twelfth Doctor’s console room. We were moved on too quickly.





Costumes worn in Thin Ice and Smile

It was kind of like a Sunday service. One of the safest places to be.



Beware of Quantum Shades



It’s a classic!

Many thanks to Beth Axford for Clara’s screen accurate outfit from Face the Raven.


I marked the third year anniversary of the ‘Something beautiful, something wonderful’ principal photography at Aberavon Bay with my watercolour piece and Sprout clay model. Watercolour painting and clay modelling are techniques I never thought I’d be that skilled at. But here we are b’there!


Rachael Stott, best known for the Twelfth Doctor comics

Free Comic Book Day: I went to watch the incredible Rachael Stott and others window painting at Gosh! Comics in Soho.


Lizzy Stewart and Rachael


It was great to be in the company of fellow artists who despite having the world in the palm of their hands still share the same artist problems I have, like getting lost in detail for hours to get the whole thing to look perfect. But we all embrace the medium and that’s how we succeed.


My sister thinks this card I made for her – Josh Widdecombe riding a unicorn – is the greatest bday present of all time. Sketched and inked in one afternoon, it looks okay to me.

On the other hand I sped through this purely digital piece in the early hours of my birthday, and I still see one or two things wrong with it. But it’s still goood. Dying to make another one; the original intent was to show the Doctor in his element, inspired by the fact (we learned on the Tour) that Peter Capaldi plays guitar in between takes.



My online presence is stronger due to posting up more work, engaging than ever before, and a recent interview at my alma mater’s site…DMU grad conquers space and time for Doctor Who Commission


Thanks @PauliinaMakela for bringing this to my attention

And then Alex Ayling, Head of BBC WW Digital Studios, presented my Commission at YLE Media Digital Summit 2017, 1st June, Helsinki, expressing that fans of shows can be co-creators and generate original content for the web. I almost cried.

For my next trick…immersive 360 VR animation!

*Best viewed on phones and tablets

The response and execution of even this small demo has been tremendous, so I shall continue. It’s a celebration of the fabulous Series 10. Despite edging closer to Capaldi’s final adventure – in fact that one starts filming this week – Doctor Who is keeping my chin up in the light of the awful events and another family tragedy that hit close to home.


“The end of your life has already begun…”


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