June 20, 2015

Shoot for the Moon

This little sliver of time is going to be shown at San Diego Comic-Con.

The painting – one of three praised by Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi at a fan event late last year – is among BBC America’s selection of Doctor Who Series 8 fan art to be exhibited on a massive video cube (9th-12th July).

There was minor confusion as to which fan art piece was chosen since I had submitted two different pieces – and a few last minute rush edits to ‘Shush!’ – so naturally they went with the more resonant, “gorgeous watercolour”. Entitled ‘A New Moon’, it’s based on a frame from Kill the Moon, written by Peter Harness and directed by Paul Wilmshurst.

The scene was filmed at Aberavon Bay, a 12-minute walk from where my Nana lives, in South Wales.

Shortly after, the Mackintosh Building and Library in Glasgow were damaged in a fire. After trustee/alumnus Peter Capaldi delivered a video message to the students who had lost their work, that motivated me to lend my support.

The idea was to create an impression of the beach scene with traditional media, then present it to and have it signed by the cast members at a Series 8 launch in August. With patience, refinement and timing, things finally came full circle in mid-November. A friend won a pair of tickets to the fan event in a Soho hotel. There, we literally time-travelled. It makes sense in context.

The first variation – ‘Lost in Sands of Time No More’ – was signed by the cast and sold for £82 as the highest bid. All of that was donated to the Glasgow School of Art via

The framed, personally-signed version of ‘A New Moon’ currently sits on my shelf, to remind me that sometimes… life’s a beach.

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