July 15, 2019

Tears and Fears

A lot more leisurely trips to London, Wales and childhood, as I dance my way out of my twenties with style…

To mark my 30th birthday we visited Nottingham’s cat café…

I had the most amazing time at the Fire Station and the Old Vic with buddies. All My Sons had some incredible stage design and performances by Jenna Coleman, Colin Morgan, Bill Pullman and Sally Field. We were emotionally drained by the end.

But if I’m thinking about the final scene in Watership Down I’m bawling my eyes out. I’ve now listened to the classic story in full thanks to Peter Capaldi putting 200% in the audio version and on a range of accents for the animals. Although I was shocked to learn from producer Barnaby Edwards that Peter hadn’t seen the 1978 film, his own take on General Woundwort has a soft Welsh(?) lilt before GROWLING FURIOUSLY WITH A THIRST FOR BLOOD!

alternative cover for the audio book painted in ProCreate

Cinema also dialled back my clock with Aladdin (based on the first film I saw theatrically), Detective Pikachu (10-year old me is tickled) and Avengers Endgame was a big loveable tribute to a decade of films that entertained my student and early freelance years. VFX in all three are wonderful.

Years and Years – of course Russell T Davies was going to be the one to put all my nightmares on screen. Seriously I get scared and border on straight up panic attacks at the mere mention of impending apocalypse. But I can always count on Uncle Rusty to assure me otherwise. Really? Some of the darkest hours of TV this side of Chernobyl; speculative fiction that’s extreme yet quaint compared to the truly screwed up world IRL.

Good thing I can escape to South Wales!

In one of my places of zen I found myself chatting with Port Talbot’s local hero Michael Sheen and his parents. This was just before the launch of Good Omens on Amazon Prime Video, and no doubt we were talking about that; it was just lovely to share our background, fangirl about David Tennant and eat ice cream together in front of a dazzling sunset.

I’d see him again the following week at the Southbank Centre in a really fun television/literature panel with Neil Gaiman and David Tennant, including a magical script reading. Michael even borrowed this pic in a tweet. Coincidence? I think NAHT!

A literal ray of sunshine, I indulged in its world on the tail end of May – reading the book on Michael’s recommendation, visiting the Greek Street exhibition before diving into the mini series. I would watch eight more seasons of Aziraphale and Crowley.

I must fit in more time in my increasingly hectic schedule to make an animated short.

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