November 9, 2019

The Sky’s the Limit

I was so focused on projects and travelling and Inktober that I forgot to write a blog! Sometimes I trick myself out of wu wei and into writing drafts.

This summer I was a first time crew member at London Film and Comic Con. While I’m not used to the frantic pace of the real world I have zero regrets. Long hours at Kensington Olympia, my jobs involved fetching food for Stormtroopers, looking after Ace and Tzim-Sha at their autograph tables, escorting actors to the green room, and making sure everyone had their moment with Brendan Fraser, Lana Parrilla, Zachary Quinto, Val Kilmer, Ian McDiarmid, Robert Picardo to name a few. Sorry to name drop.

That Saturday was my favourite. I laid the markers on the ground.

A terrific learning experience, the feedback was excellent, but by the end of the long three days I broke down. Maybe it was the joy of accomplishing something that scares me – customer service is a hot environment – or sensory overload. Ever had such an amazing work experience that broke you?

Appreciate all the hard work that goes into anything, be it a convention or a Netflix series like The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance


This was the incredible puppetry and production design all on display within a fantastic walkthrough and interactive space at BFI; I even got to dub my voice into scenes in an ADR booth.

Climate Strike Action!

We interrupt this blog to bring attention to climate change’s impact on future generations. Simple really. It’s come to the point that kids are having to skip school to alert stubborn grown-ups of the danger of complacency. The Gerald Scarfe character design portfolio spinning themselves into circles and ideology wars…the whole damn thing is putting me on edge. Even nature is spelling it out for you – things are getting heated; when it rains it pours…

I may have needed at least three of those London Pikachu Gentleman plushies and a pin from the temporary Pokemon Centre in White City so I can sell them for a boat. Store it in the shed ready for when the floods come here.

Seriously though the demand for those exclusives was immense. The lines stretched over a mile long OUTSIDE the freakin’ shopping centre, from midnight onwards. My body wouldn’t handle that at all. Would a ticket system like BFI Dark Crystal‘s exhibition have been better?

But I digress. In September the 4th Yellow Book ceremony was held despite Parliament shutdown, and that still didn’t dampen anyone’s spirits in Cholmondeley House, positive atmosphere all afternoon.

That evening, the cast of Downton Abbey pulled up at Broadcasting House for the One Show.

This won’t be my only brief appearance on the BBC this year. Watch this space.

View’s great up here mind.

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