February 3, 2016

The Relevant


Things sucked into a black hole of death and despair. But after the long dark winter of the soul… has risen from the dead! so it seems.

You’ll find my demo reels, artwork and blog all in one place. Peinto Design did a fabulous job with the back-end system, the transitions and the presentation.

Elsewhere, Blogtor Who has become an outlet for my Who-related fan art, one of the ways I creatively engage with the fandom. However the pictures and trivia need to be flipped very quickly so I’ve organised a roster – a set of themes – to cope with the workload ahead of time. Followers may see a few style changes and original comic strips.


Cancer is a bitch. But I’m taking comfort in the belief that my Uncle Bill is in the cosmos, throwing a massive party with Bowie and Lemmy and Glenn Frey and Rickman and Wogan. Dude had a penchant for the performing arts; he had moxie, like one time he approached Charlton Heston, asked him how an American can play Sherlock Holmes – “because I CAN!” Heart goes out to all the legends’ families.

Death and career misfortune are fuelling my desire to do better. I felt I was stifled last year, not putting enough effort into spec work. While it’s important I set myself deadlines, I should have fun in the time given to me. For too long I’ve held myself back, shackled in invisible chains, weighed down by negative thoughts, while waiting for that blasted phonecall. Tired of waiting. It’s 20-friggin-16.

There were instances where I lost track of my identity. It’s in the freelancer’s nature to wear many hats.

Dragonslayer. Whovian. Hybrid. Cook. Housekeeper. Entrepreneur. Artist. Salesperson. Animator. Motion graphic designer. Social media content creator. Convention goer. Cosplayer. Autograph collector. Fundraiser. Painter. Goggleboxer. Dancer.

I put some of these ahead of my core focus. Was there a point I diverted?

When in doubt dance it out!


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